499SYSFrequently Asked Questions

Question:  I have the Windows 10 message to update to it on my desk top things.  Should I go ahead and do it ??

Answer:  We have been a part of the Microsoft Testing program for several years and that of course includes using and testing preview software for upcoming releases of operating systems to include Windows 10.

It does show great promise as a modern and forward designed Operating system. There are several new features we are excited about. Users who were reluctant to use Windows 8 and 8.1 will find it more similar to Windows 7 than those latest offerings. It does have a few things that we feel need to be ironed out in the next month to be able to fully recommend it to upgrading customers. We very much anticipate those issues to be quickly rectified over the next few weeks and are anxious to be using a stable new OS by the launch date.

If your current operating system is working to your satisfaction and you are pleased with its performance, there is little rush to change just yet. Some times, at a new release, it takes a few million users before some of the more minute bugs show themselves.

If you are traditionally an early adapter, and savvy with using the newest versions of software, then by all means, go right on in and pre-sign up for the upgrade. There is also no automatic installation of the upgrade, even if you pre sign up for it, when it is released and ready for install, you can choose to delay that upgrade. Personally, I will be continuing to use and test the new operating system and I have no intention at this time to abstain from upgrading my personal machines.

If you would like to come by the office and see a working preview of the system, feel free to stop in out store during normal business hours. We would love your visit. And who knows, you may find a new PC or printer while you’re in the store!

Question: I am getting pop up and ads, am I getting hit by spyware?

Answer: I would say most definitely. Most PC’s we work on, if they have been on the internet, they can be infected with Spyware and or Adware.
Some times, only a few, others with hundreds or even thousands of infections. Even PC’s using virus protection and firewalls can be infected with Spyware and Adware at times.

Question: What can I do to get rid of Spyware and those pop up ads?

Answer: You need to install anti spyware, a spyware/adware removal tool. Run it and will find spyware and adware on your system.
It will allow you to remove the spyware/adware and then it will help protect your system from then on.

Question: When I purchased a new PC what was the EULA and the numbers I put in?

Answer: As a Microsoft OEM, when we install the Windows and you start it for the fist time, you will see the Microsoft END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA).
Which is the agreement/licensing for using the software. The numbers you put in are the registration numbers for that particular software.
You should have a sticker attached to the PC that has the same number for the software. In addition you have 30 days to activate the Windows with Microsoft.

Question: Do I need to bring in my monitor, keyboard and mouse to have work done on my system?

Answer: If the work needed is not affected by one of the other components then you only need to take the CPU (the box with the CD, and hard drive) to the shop.
If in doubt call MCS they will they will advise you of the components you need to take in.

Question: I am elderly and cant disconnect or carry the computer, can a technician come to me?

Answer: Yes, MCS makes service calls and will set up an appointment for a technician to come to you. They will call to set up a date and time so you wont have to wait.

Question: I had a virus protection program on my system, how did I get a virus with it in operation?

Answer: Although you had a virus protection program running, you may have not updated the virus definition files in months.
You also could be a victum of Spyware or Malware installed on your system.MOdern attacks are more likely the result of malicious code being installed unintentionally rather than a “virus”.

Question: My memory is running out so can I add to it so I can have more space to put additional applications and programs?

Answer: Sorry but you are confusing memory and storage space. You can have more of both. Memory is the RAM and Storage space is the capacity of your hard drive.
Either one can be increase depending on your need. Normally, if you need more storage space, a second hard drive can be added also memory can be increase by adding chips or replacing the one you have. I.E. 128 megs of ram increase to 512 or even doubled. RAM is where the programs load and run. RAM is Random Access Memory, which goes away when you shut off your machine, and starts back fresh and clean when you boot back up.

Question: Can I just upgrade my system rather than have to buy a new one? What do I need to know about upgrading?

Answer: The key to upgrading and saving several hundred dollars is: Your current PC’s hard drive, CD ROM, Floppy Drive and Operating System need to be of sufficient speed and capacity to be reused in the new system. If the hard dive has enough empty space to last you for a while and you are happy with your current OS then your old system is a good candidate for upgrade. If not new systems start at $495.00

Question: I had to activate my Windows Operating System, what is activation?

Answer: Activation has only one function. It takes the registration numbers you key in and checks them in a data base with all the other PC in the World to be sure the Windows software is legitimate and has only been installed on one PC ONLY. That is Microsoft’s way to attempt to protect the copyright and licensing.